Soulburn Soulburn
    Yes, it's me again. Soul of Fire, Hemi-semi-demi goddess of partial chaotic immunity; or some such. A few years have passed and I've reached the ripe old age of twenty-five. I've shrunk that plussieness a bit, but still lay claim to the title. ^_^ I can add nothing, really, to my hobbies list, but moving out to the boondocks has certainly cramped my quasi-gothic style. *dramatic sigh* Overalls don't work, even dyed black. But that's okay. I have dogs, cats, husbands, and Silvershadows to keep me company. The hair is a nice bloody shade of red, the eyes are still hazel, and the rest still changes without informing me. I've been dolling for four years now, and still love it. Get in touch! I love meeting new folks. *big grin*
Silvershadow Silvershadow
    How I found the time to write this around coding the website is beyond me! Oh, where to start. I hate updating things like this.

     I'm a 27 year old bisexual woman living in the back-forty of Virginia with Soulburn, her hubby, and our great friend, Candice, for roommates. I share this space with three dogs and a wonderful cat and have hopes to add some fish of my own to that list. I'm 5'9", pale enough that I turn into a lobster in the sun, with hazel grey-green-brown eyes and black-brown hair liberally streaked with natural silver. Natural? Yes. Been going silver since I was fifteen. (Confidentially, I don't let it stay silver much anymore. Dye is my friend.)

    My sun sign is Virgo, my moon sign is Virgo, I'm a Snake in both Chinese and Japanese astrology, so I'm essentially partially baked clay. ;) (Earth + Earth + Fire) It sort of explains my near-rabid neatness and demand for perfect detail. If it's not working right, it's probably either not on the site, or I was really tired and got sloppy. I'm still a student of Reiki with Soulburn as my teacher, and I'm a pagan with no claim to any particular path. I love cats, dogs(especially English Cocker Spaniels), horses, rabbits, dragons, unicorns, phoenixes, and a wide variety of other creatures both real and mythical. I have an anime obsession, not as great as some, but enough for me. I let that out in the grand variety of wallpaper images I have. I do have my own website, but it's under construction. I'll link it in here in the future.